This blog was created by the Mulani Family. This page was started as a effort towards awareness for depression and anxiety in college age students and for mental health advocacy. As the family who has had the brunt of this tragedy, we want to spread awareness about mental health in particular the things, we should have been made aware of as family. Life is too short for us to complete all that we set out to do. Mohit will always be a New Yorker, NYU graduate 2016, and forever in our hearts. All proceeds from the book will go towards Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy.
This blog is dedicated to solely the thought process of our dearest family member Mohit Mulani who was lost to circumstances outside his control on August 27th, 2016. Suicide has become too common and the voice of the person who was in depression and also the voice of the family who has to live through this tragedy needs to be spoken.
As guardians of his legacy, we want the world to know of his struggle with depression and anxiety. Suicide is never anybody’s conscious choice and that needs to be made clear. There are multiple factors such as life stressors, over prescription of anti-depressants, the family not being made aware that another family member was going through depression. We feel and know that these medications made Mohit into somebody he was not and made his depression even worse. If we as family knew that he was on anti-depressants, he would still be alive with support from family, friends and a qualified counselor.
It is understood that depression can be cured with a combination of factors such as support from family and friends, a good counselor and only then anti-depressants if absolutely needed. We were in the complete dark of him being on these anti-depressants and the withdrawal symptoms led to his worsening depression and eventual suicide.
The truth needs to be said in complete peace and a sense of understanding that there were situations both outside of Mohit’s control and the family member’s control.