All the time growing up in school and later in college i had a singular passion.To be articulate and speak and write with precision and accuracy and express a thought with proper diction. This is the ability that makes us different from other living creatures and it is amazing that so many of us go through life crippling this rare gift of lofty thought or treating it casually. You dont have to be Plato or Socrates or turn into a philosopher but not to use logic and the power of words to the best of our ability is a crime.

Why are we like that? Letting the majesty and grandeur of language slip past us without giving it due reverence.

Much of it is because we are lazy and dont wish to make the effort.

We settle for mediocrity in our way of thinking. We stunt our vocabulary,happy to be common in our verbal and written skills. You see,the most important feed into aspiring to these heights lies in reading. That takes time and energy to absorb knowledge and process it. All types of reading. To learn new words,to grasp the subtle nuances of these words, to enjoys metaphors and base your thoughts on these pillars is an exhilarating feeling.

So for me whether it was a debate or an essay or the filling of pages in my diary I always intended to go that one step further.

A thought expressed,the kernel of a new idea, the careful build up of an argument, the chess game of speech, this always filled me with joy because to me being so was the epitome of living.

I think all those who came in touch with me recognised this desire to be meticulous not shoddy and soar into the sky with that sense of having said it right.

Oh yes I read. Every spare moment I got. From the bestsellers to the rare,from obscure writers to the classics nothing was too unreadable.

And I harnessed that flow of knowledge, making it mine.Thats the only was to live.

Mom is sorry for posting this article late today since she has been travelling and having guests today for lunch as well as dinner.I appreciate mom that you still put in efforts to help me continue with my work.Love you mom so much