To me money was never an end. Always a convenience, nothing more. I understand its value and would never denigrate its importance because it is a commodity which eases the path and makes life easy. You can access good books, a clean life, edible food, potable water, things we take for granted until you do not have them,and long for them.

But that said, I would never have run after it. My part of the world there is this tendency to assess a person’s worth as a person by that individual’s financial status. This aspect always amused me. Coming as I do from a Sindhi background where money is of the essence and the primary; measuring stick for any deal or relationship this always amused me. People can be good, bad or plain ugly regardless of their fiscal status. But around me I would see that the esteem people were held in and the respect shown was often in direct proportion to wealth.


Even in my few years as a young adult I would be appalled by the amount of energy and effort that went into striving for more. Seeing as how you cannot take it with you and would probably have to leave it behind on earth for a squabbling and ungrateful progeny what is the point of it all. Have enough to be comfortable and use that precious time to nourish the mind and learn and imbibe and absorb and enrich yourself in ways beyond that of mere avarice.


Look at it this way.  Beyond a point you do not need more. These then turn from conveniences into collections and symbols of ego. You cannot sit in three cars at the same time or eat six course meals a day and wastage becomes your outlet.


If you are fortunate to have that kind of liquidity use it for the greater good. I have watched people wallow in competitive misery and literally fall sick with envy over another’s good fortune while pushing themselves to the outer limits in order to get more…and more.


There is an old saying; if you don’t stop to smell the roses what is the point of having a rose garden. Exactly. What is the point. You can go through a life and have nothing to show for it but things that., in the final analyses, have no value.


We begin to believe our own inflated importance. We think people look up to us and yet, the very rich live their lives pockmarked by suspicion over everyone else’s motives. 


If you are a young person by all means chase the rainbow and make a success of yourself. But enhance your mind along with the physical comfort zone. If you do not do that you are losing out on the most important element of life; grand thought.


I am so happy that in the little time I had on earth I spent it in learning.Mom would always tell me “Mohit you know too much for your age.” Eclectic certainly but always with the idea of knowing more, a thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched. My teachers,school and friends always looked upto me for this quality of mine.

 Like I always said, money helps but it is not the bottom line, not by a long shot.

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